The rapidly changing political and economic environment of the new millennium has forced law enforcement organizations, and other public institutions, to provide their programs and services more effectively and efficiently to meet the continually changing needs and resources of their communities. Police chiefs and other public sector chief executives are seeking new ways to accomplish this daunting task. Roger Baker created the Business of Policing to assist these leaders by providing experienced law enforcement leadership and proven organizational development consultation services. Roger Baker is the retired Chief of Police of the City of Anaheim, California and the City of Des Moines, Washington.

Change that impacts individuals and organizations is inevitable. The choice we have in the change process is to either lead and plan for change or fail to plan and be forced to react as change occurs. Being proactive and leading change can provide much more favorable outcomes. Leading change requires the development of key leadership and planning skills. The
Business of Policing helps individuals and organizations learn the organizational leadership and development planning skills necessary to identify and pursue opportunities in the change process that can provide a much more positive and rewarding future.

Business of Policing is here to assist you lead the change process in your organization. We provide training in leadership and organizational development planning that will prepare you to meet the present and future needs of your agency and your community. This training can include the development of a strategic planning program for your agency.
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Business of Policing services and activities presented on our website and contact us for a complimentary consultation. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your future and the future of your organization and the community you serve. Start leading the change process in your organization today.