Law enforcement organizations are being asked to provide programs
and services more effectively and efficiently to meet the
changing needs and resources of their communities
The Business of Policing is ready to assist your organization in the development of a strategic leadership and strategic planning program to meet the present and future needs of your agency and your community. The strategic plan will provide your department with a multi-year work plan that is based on the needs and support of your local government and community. We look forward to working with you in this very important project and helping you identify and achieve the goals of your agency and your community.
The rapidly changing economic environment of this new millennium has forced local governments to further prioritize what programs and services can be provided with reduced revenues. All law enforcement agencies are competing for shrinking resources. Is your agency prepared to justify its current and future organizational structure and funding? Most law enforcement agencies are not prepared to answer this critical question because they do not have a strategic plan that identifies and supports the value of their services.
Organizations don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan
Law enforcement agencies have a much greater opportunity to justify and maintain their programs and services by first developing strategic organizational leadership and strategic planning programs. The development of a strategic plan will help ensure that the mission and goals of your agency have greater value because they will clearly support the mission and goals of your local government and community. The development of a department-wide strategic leadership and planning program will focus your department resources on prioritized goals and provide greater efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability at all levels of your organization. It will turn jobs that must be done into goal oriented task that can be measured and accomplished. Strategic leadership and planning programs also help to avoid conflicts by developing realistic goals and expectations for your planned services.
Strategic leadership and planning programs are fundamental
components of successful organizations